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Schneiderman unveils special prosecutor's unit...

Schneiderman Unveils Special Prosecutor's Unit - WNYC Google custom search stuff <PageMap> <DataObject type="date"> <Attribute name="display" value="Jul 09, 2015"></Attribute> <Attribute name="sort" value="20150709"></Attribute> </DataObject> <DataObject type="tag"> <Attribute name="id">eric_schneiderman</Attribute> </DataObject> <DataObject type="tag"> <Attribute name="id">local_news</Attribute> </DataObject> <DataObject type="tag"> <Attribute name="id">metro</Attribute> </DataObject> <DataObject type="tag"> <Attribute name="id">news</Attribute> </DataObject> <DataObject type="tag"> <Attribute name="id">nypd</Attribute> </DataObject> <DataObject type="tag"> <Attribute name="id">special prosecutor</Attribute> </DataObject> <DataObject type="person"> <Attribute name="id">xander-landen</Attribute> </DataObject> <DataObject type="person"> <Attribute name="id">david-l-lewis</Attribute> </DataObject> </PageMap> StartFragment Attorney General Eric Schneiderman revealed details about the new Special Investigations and Prosecutions Unit, which will investigate cases in which police officers kill unarmed civilians or civilians who pose no threat to others. The creation of the unit comes after Governor Cuomo signed an executive order, almost a year after the death of Eric Garner and consistent protests from families of unarmed men who were slain by police officers. Listen here. EndFragment

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